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Dr Chris Redfern

Nature Reserve Committee, Publications Editor, Bird Ringing Group

Credit and Copyright ©: Colin Davison +44 (0)7850 609 340

Chris is a Trustee and Member of Council, a member of the General Purposes Committee and the GPNR Management Committee. He is also NHSN Bird Ringing Lead, the Editor of Northumbrian Naturalist and is the NHSN representative on the Coquet Island Advisory Committee. He was Chair of NHSN from 2011 to 2017.

Chris is also a representative on the Farne Islands Management Advisory Committee although this is an unofficial role from the NHSN perspective.

Chris’ interests include ornithology, bird ringing and ornithological data analysis. He also has passing interests in botany, insects (his PhD was on mosquitos!) and general natural history.

Professionally, he holds and has held a number of positions:

  • Academic (Molecular & cellular biology) at Newcastle University
  • Academic-related role as Editor of BTO journal Ringing & Migration for 11 years until recently.

“The NHSN is a community of naturalists in the North-east and has a long history of research into the natural world and in
engaging with others to foster a love and respect for the wildlife and natural resources around us. With its base in the Great
North Museum: Hancock, extensive archives and collections of books, regular publication of Bulletins and Northumbrian
Naturalist it occupies a unique niche in natural history recording and education in the region.”