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Conservation and Research

NHSN aims to safeguard the flora and fauna of North East England - this is how we do it.

  • Protecting and caring for our nature reserve at Gosforth Nature Reserve in Newcastle;
  • Campaigning to prevent wildlife loss from inappropriate development, in the city and beyond;
  • Carrying out conservation research on birds;
  • Giving grants to fund small-scale conservation and research projects;
  • Participating in the Tyne Kittiwakes Partnership and other committees concerned with the protection of the region’s wildlife and geology;
  • NHSN members playing a key role as naturalists in the region, recording fauna and flora and conducting surveys, research work and projects.
  • Helping people to learn about and care for the natural world.

In carrying out these activities we work in partnership with the other conservation organisations in the region, such as the Northumberland Wildlife Trust, National Trust and RSPB.

Tyne Kittiwakes

The River Tyne supports an important breeding population of Kittiwakes. You can find out about the birds, how to see them and efforts to protect them.


Conservation at Gosforth Nature Reserve

Find out about our conservation work at Gosforth Nature Reserve.


Campaigns & responding to development

Development that is in the wrong place or badly designed can destroy habitats. One of our aims is to protect the flora and fauna of the North East and we will respond when we feel that a development should not be given permission.


Northeast England Beached Bird Surveys

We are a voluntary group initiated during 2003 and composed of a core of keen regular beach surveyors. Our members are interested in birds, the environment in general, pollution of marine ecosystems and how to improve the health of the maritime environment with an emphasis on the North Sea. Beach walking provides fresh air and exercise as well as increasing our wider knowledge of the marine environment.


Bird ringing

NHSN has been involved in bird research for many decades, particularly the use of bird ringing and satellite tagging as a conservation and monitoring tool. This work is carried out mainly by the Society Bird Ringing Group and also in partnership with the National Trust (Farne Islands) and RSPB (Coquet Island).


Small grants

Thanks to a generous bequest from the Dickinson family we provide small grants to help NHSN members carry out natural history projects.