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Wildlife Detectives: Key Stage 2

This short, packed programme provides a variety of fun outdoor learning activities for children aged 7-11 that will engage them in the natural world. These activities are designed to help teach parts of the national curriculum, particularly science. The children will be physically active during their visit.

All outings include a 40 minute walk along a nature trail to visit woodland, reedbeds/wetland and a viewing hide, unfortunately these paths are not suitable for wheelchairs. Along the way the children will stop and carry out a selection of the following activities (click each one to find out more):

This Wildlife Detectives programme lasts for approximately 2 hours and is suitable for a class of up to 35 children. If you would like a shorter or longer programme then it is possible to add or omit activities. We also have some additional activities that can be carried out instead of any of those listed above (click each one below to find out more):

We will provide a leader who will run all of the activities, supply any equipment and act as your guide, however this a very interactive programme and so our leader will need to be assisted by adults from the visiting school.

If you were looking to do something different at the nature reserve, such as conservation work, outdoor art classes or just a walk in nature then these can be arranged, please just give James a call on 0191 208 2790 or

I liked it when we looked through the tremendous telescope and we saw birds with their eggs. When I Looked throught the telescope it was like I was an explorer in the jungle. I had the best day ever. Thank you very much.

I liked going to the Gosforth Nature Reserve because it was full of plants and animals. My favourite activity was finding the insects because they were all so fascinating.

I liked the part when we were finding insects. I found four insects. I was feeling scared to put the ant and flies, caterpillar, slug, woodlice, millipede into the bottle so I just told James to open the lid and I got the spoon and put the creature in.

Pupils from Lady and St Anne’s School, Newcastle

You can also combine your visit to the nature reserve with the award winning Great North Museum: Hancock. We are working in partnership with Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums to offer a combined visit to the Museum and nature reserve. In the morning you can visit the Museum and take part in a related workshop such as “Animals”, “Skeletons” or “Rainbow Colours”, you can have your lunch at the Museum and then travel to the nature reserve for Wildlife Detectives. If you would like more information about this combined visit or to book then please contact the Museum Learning Team on 0191 222 6865.