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1829 Talk: The Future of Gosforth Nature Reserve

Join NHSN Project Officer, Charlotte Rankin, for an inside look at a new ten-year management plan for Gosforth Nature Reserve and an opportunity to explore exciting plans for species conservation, learning and visitor experience.


Date & Time

Date: Friday, 13 November 2020

Time: 6:30 pm - 7:00 pm

The future of Gosforth Nature Reserve

with Charlotte Rankin, local naturalist and NHSN Project Officer

Managed by NHSN since 1929, Gosforth Nature Reserve is one of the North East’s oldest nature reserves. Home to protected and rare species, Gosforth Nature Reserve is a beautiful wildlife oasis to connect with and study the natural world. To maximise its potential for both wildlife and people, a new management plan has been developed for the nature reserve.

Set out in a new holistic ten-year management plan, hear from Charlotte Rankin about the long-term vision and management priorities for Gosforth Nature Reserve. Learn about the exciting plans for habitat and species conservation and enhancing the visiting and learning experience at the reserve.

An early-career Conservation and Ecology graduate, Charlotte began her role at NHSN as a Project Officer in February to coordinate the production of Gosforth Nature Reserve’s new management plan.

Watch this talk from the comfort of home on the NHSN Youtube Channel, premiering Friday 13 November at 18.29.

Watch the talk here