1829 Talk: Cameras in the Canopy

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Discover new research using cameras to detect and monitor biodiversity in the canopy

In this talk, Laura, Tabi and Jess will share stories and images from their experiences climbing trees and installing camera traps in the Peruvian Amazon, introduce their current project with arboreal camera traps at Gosforth Nature Reserve, and talk about the ways that canopy access and technology are being used in research and conservation across the world.

About the Speakers

Jess Ward recently passed her PhD viva on sociality in carnivores at Newcastle University and is enjoying newfound freedom from her computer; Tabi Ewing is undertaking a masters in Sustainable Forestry at Bangor University; Laura Braunholtz is writing up her thesis on road effects in rainforests and looking for literally anything else to do instead.

Watch this talk on the NHSN YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLXvxMVjjl3KmITjQjbKAjQ