1829 Talk: Fossil fuels – from prehistoric ferns to lockdown effects

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Explore the impact of lockdown on fossil fuel consumption with PhD student, Ilona Kater

Fossil fuels are quite a buzzword at the moment. We know they’re supposed to be very bad… by why? What really are they? Should we stop using them straight away?

In this talk, we will be exploring the above questions, with some having simpler answers than others. This will involve reaching back into the depths of time, 300million years ago to when fossil fuels first formed, as well as fast forwarding to the recent lockdown, examining how it has impacted how we use fossil fuels and how they affect our planet.

Watch this talk on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLXvxMVjjl3KmITjQjbKAjQ

About the Speaker

Ilona is a PhD student in Arctic Ecology at the University of Durham. Her research focuses on reindeer ecology in a changing environment. Part of this work includes examining how various human activities are influencing the natural world around us, these effects often being amplified in Arctic environments.