1829 Talk: Improving Outdoor Learning Opportunities

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Explore how outdoor learning opportunities can be improved by developing capacity within the community

When we look at how to improve informal science learning opportunities for the greater community, we have to consider both the means of the informal science education institution (ISEI) and the means of the community.

The members of a town surrounding any given ISEI are often not innately science-oriented or have the knowhow to pursue science education in an informal manner, but that does not mean they do not desire to. In order for ISEIs to reach the greater community they have to build the community’s capacity to participate. A large part of building that capacity is building their confidence and changing how they view themselves in relation to the ISEI.

About the speaker

Dina Schwartz is an American studying her MA in Education: International Perspectives at Newcastle University. She received her BSc in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology and is passionate about improving opportunities for informal science education in greater Newcastle. Her MA dissertation is investigating how to bridge the gap between science institutions and science teachers.