Druridge Pools: when a local patch becomes an obsession

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Join local naturalist, Iain Robson, to explore the history, habitats and species of his local patch at Druridge Pools.

Watch on the NHSN YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLXvxMVjjl3KmITjQjbKAjQ

About this talk

Been far? A question often asked of birdwatchers by other birdwatchers enquiring where they might have been (and what they have might have seen). No, not since 2001 is my stock answer. Not quite true, but Iain Robson rarely strays far from his local patch of Druridge Pools.

This is a story of a friendly patch birdwatching competition back in 2001 ended up as an obsession.

The life of a patch-watcher. It’s not all about birds, Iain will uncover the history, habitats, species and strange goings-on at Druridge Pools - one of the North East's most diverse and beautiful coastal sites.

About the Speaker

Iain Robson is a committed patch-worker and all round naturalist. In his spare time, he is the AONB Manager on the Northumberland Coast