North East Bee Hunt at Lindisfarne


Key Details



Join the hunt for the elusive Moss Carder bee and a chance to explore the incredible diversity of insects and plants on Lindisfarne.

Event leads: Dr Gordon Port, Charlotte Rankin and James Common

Event length: 1 session, Saturday afternoon, 12.00 pm - 4.00 pm

Event cost: Free to all

Lindisfarne is home to an incredible array of insect life.

Join NHSN for a special guided walk as we set out in search of the elusive Moss Carder Bee as part of this year's North East Bee Hunt.

As a group, we will also look out for other insects, including the impressive Dark Green Fritillary, while keeping an eye out for some of the rare plant life that help make Holy Island so special.

This event lasts a total of four hours, and there will be a pause for lunch. Please bring a packed lunch.

Meet at the main car park (NU125424) at 12.00 pm.

*In the event of poor weather, such as heavy rain, this visit may be cancelled.