Spectacular Spoil: an overlooked wildlife habitat

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Discover the rare and scarce species thriving on former coalfields with entomologist, Liam Olds.

Colliery spoil tips are an iconic feature in the landscape of the south Wales Valleys, as they are across many British coalfields. Following the widespread closure of deep coal mines in south Wales, nature has reclaimed these formerly barren landscapes.

Ironically, these symbols of a once highly destructive industry now support some of the largest extents of semi-natural habitat in south Wales. Recent research indicates that these sites have become an important refuge for a wealth of rare and scarce species declining in the wider countryside. Colliery spoil sites deserve appreciation and are in need of management and conservation.

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About the Speaker

Liam Olds is an entomologist and founder of the 'Colliery Spoil Biodiversity Initiative', a conservation initiative that aims to raise awareness of the ecological importance of colliery spoil tips in the south Wales Valleys. Liam has been actively surveying these sites for invertebrates, and campaigning for their protection, since in 2015.