The Geology of Ingram Valley


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Join Karl Egeland-Eriksen to explore the fascinating geology of Ingram in Northumberland.

Event leads: Karl Egeland-Eriksen

Event length: 1 session, Sunday, 10.00am-4.00 pm

Event cost: Free to NHSN members

The Ingram Valley cuts a nice transect through the Devonian volcanics of the Cheviot Hills. The road follows the ice-carved valleys past hills composed largely of andesitic lavas and agglomerates. In places, these rocks are cut by late-stage, porphyrytic, igneous dykes which can often be picked out as linear features crossing the landscape.

At the end of the public road the andesite has been altered (hornfelsed) by the intrusion of the Cheviot Granite. This lies at the core of the Cheviot Hills and is well exposed in the area around Linhope Spout, where it is present in widely varying compositions. Here too we find dykes cutting the rock, as well as ‘siliceous bands’, the final phase of the igneous activity in the area.

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This trip will be run in accordance with government guidance on covid-19.