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Join Dr Angus Lunn and Derek Teasdale on a 16-week journey through 2.6 million years of climatic and environmental change.

Essential Information

Course tutors: Angus Lunn & Derek Teasdale

Course length: 16 weekly sessions, Thursday evenings, 7.00- 8.30 pm.

8 sessions pre-Christmas starting Thursday 5 October. 8 sessions post-Christmas starting Thursday 11 January.

Course structure: This is an online course held via Zoom. Please ensure you have the right system requirements for accessing Zoom before booking, as we have a no-refunds policy.

Course cost: NHSN Members £140 / Non-Members £155

About this course

Join Angus Lunn & Derek Teasdale for a course exploring the geological and biological excitements of the last 2.6 million years of climatic and environmental change.

The climate in Northern England has veered between glacial, with thick ice sheets, to temperatures even warmer than those we experience now. We have, at various times, had Woolly Mammoths roaming our tundras and hippopotami wallowing in our lagoons. This course will explore the geological and biological thrills, spills, and their consequences in landscapes and ecosystems over the last two and a half million years - a period when ice sheets repeatedly covered much of northern Britain, plants, and animals shifted southwards and northwards to track changing climate, and the genus Homo evolved into us.

A focus will be on events in our region.


This course is intended for those with some geological or biological knowledge, but newcomers are welcome.

Course attendees will receive a Zoom link ahead of the first session. If you are new to Zoom, you can find more information about using it on their website here.

Please read the terms and conditions for NHSN education courses before booking.