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North East Nature Talks & Videos

Grab your favourite beverage, sit back and discover North East nature from home as you enjoy new videos and talks from local naturalists

Dots on the map: why should we record wildlife?

How can you make the most of your wildlife sightings? Join naturalist, Ryan Clark, to hear how your wildlife observations can form a powerful tool for conservation. This talk will introduce you to the basics of biological recording and its many uses for wildlife conservation in Britain.

Discover the latest research from Coquet Island

Hear from Dr Paul Morrison and David Kinchin-Smith, RSPB, and explore the management and inner workings of the island before enjoying a special talk from Newcastle University researcher, Ibrahim Alfarwi, who will share the latest research into predator and prey populations on Coquet.

Beaver ecology, status and potential in Britain: a whistle-stop tour

The Eurasian beaver (Castor fiber) is the first mammal to be reintroduced to Britain following its nationwide extinction 400 years ago and is a species that holds the key to restoring our lost wetland habitats, along with the endangered species and vital ecosystem functions that they support. Join Cumbria Beaver Group representative Heather to become ‘reacquainted’ with this often-misunderstood mammal, to discover its ecology, impacts and potential.

Identifying Sand Dune Wildflowers

Take a virtual tour of the North East coast as you join Chris Metherell to identify the wildflowers you are likely to encounter within dune habitats.

The Spetchells in Spring

Rinke Vinkenoog provides an account of the unfolding spring at the Prudhoe Spetchells, highlighting the wildlife you can enjoy at this remarkable and very special location.

The Wildflowers of Roadside Verges

Chris Metherell provides an introduction to the wildflowers commonly found along roadsides.

Deciphering the Dawn Chorus

Chris Redfern introduces some of the spring songsters you might encounter in the North East.

Identifying Woodland Wild Flowers

Take a virtual tour of a Northumbrian wood as you join Chris Metherell identify the woodland wildflowers you are likely to encounter close to home.

Wildlife at Home Lockdown

Join NHSN members, Julia Black and Neil Pont, as they share the wildlife to be found in their suburban garden, from Dog’s-Mercury and blooming toadflax to solitary bees and butterflies.

Meet the Red Mason Bee

Charlotte Rankin provides an introduction to next of our North East Bee Hunt target species: the eye-catching Red Mason Bee.

Introducing the North East Bee Hunt

Join members of the North East Bee Hunt team and NHSN staff to hear more about North East bees, their identification, and how you can help record them as part of the North East Bee Hunt.

Identifying Wildflowers in Damp Grassland

Chris Metherell, botanical County Recorder for North Northumberland, introduces the wildflower species you are most likely to encounter in damp areas, including streamsides and wet meadows.

Life in the Garden Undergrowth

Take a trip into the undergrowth as local naturalist, Chris Wren, shares a collection of small mammal footage filmed in his North East garden.

In Search of Garden Bees

Hazel Makepeace shares videos and photos of bees she’s recorded in her garden for the North East Bee Hunt.

Meet the Tawny Mining Bee

Charlotte Rankin provides a short introduction to one of the solitary bees you’re most likely to find in your garden. Learn more about the Tawny Mining Bee on our blog.

In Search of Garden Bumblebees

Join Dr Chris Redfern, NHSN Trustee, as he takes part in the North East Bee Hunt in his own garden.

Wildlife Sightings at Home

James Common, NHSN Communications Officer, shares recent sightings of bees, hoverflies, and bee-flies in his urban garden.

Discover the Natural History Society of Northumbria

For 190 years, the NHSN has sought to inspire wonder in the natural world. This short film aims to celebrate the various aspects that come together to make the organisation so special.

Take a Stand for Gosforth Nature Reserve

Gosforth Nature Reserve is the North East’s oldest nature reserve and one of the last true wild spaces within the limits of Newcastle.


An autumn short from Gosforth Nature Reserve filmed by Cain Scrimgeour.


A winter short from Gosforth Nature Reserve filmed by Cain Scrimgeour.


Bringing John Hancock’s remarkable story to life to inspire a new generation of naturalists. Animation by Roots and Wings.

Grey Seal Trip

A trip to the Farne Islands off the Northumberland Coast to see the Grey Seals and their pups!