Upcoming NHSN Talks this spring

Explore three new natural history talks to look forward to this spring.

This summer, we’ll be continuing our Friday Talks online to help you explore North East nature at home. From the Northumberland coast to industrial Teesside, there’s much to look forward to.

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Below, you can find out more about the first of your new natural history talks.

Friday 23 April

Monitoring Rare Breeding Birds in the UK

With Dr Mark Eaton, Rare Breeding Birds Panel

The Rare Breeding Birds Panel was established in 1972 as independent body to collate data and report on the status of the country’s rarest breeding birds. Mark will give an overview of the work of the RBBP, share some of its most recent findings on rare breeding birds across the UK, and show how birdwatchers can help the work of the Panel.

Dr Mark Eaton is the Secretary of the Rare Breeding Birds Panel, as well as being Principal Conservation Scientist in Monitoring Science in the RSPB Centre for Conservation Science. As this would suggest, his expertise lies in developing the monitoring and reporting on the status of birds and other biodiversity both in the UK and overseas. When not doing this he’s usually to be found birding in the countryside and coast near home in Alnwick.

Friday 7 May

Wild Teesside: 30 Years of Industry and Nature

With Ian Bond, ecologist and author

Teesside is a place of polar opposites where wild spaces and heavy industry intertwine to form an ecosystem almost unique in the UK. In this talk, naturalist, Ian Bond, will take viewers on a virtual tour of Teesside, sharing the hidden gems, history and surprising diversity of this remarkable place.

From sand dunes to salt marshes and saline lagoons, from seals to seabirds, a surprising array of wildlife finds a home in the midst of one of Britain’s busiest ports and industrial hubs. Tune in to explore the hidden nature of a special corner of the North East.

Friday 21 May

Carri-on Recording Beetles

with Ashleigh Whiffin, National Museums Scotland

Carrion beetles are an ideal group to get stuck into if you are just beginning with beetles. There are only 21 species recorded from the UK and most of these are large in size, making identification reasonably straightforward. Many of the species are associated with carrion, feeding on the remains of dead vertebrate animals, and some even exhibit some very unique behaviours.  

In this talk, Ashleigh Whiffin, co-organiser of the Silphidae Recording Scheme, will explain how to identify these beetles, introduce their behaviour and ecology, and how you can find and record them.