A welcome boost to biodiversity at Gosforth Park Nature Reserve

NHSN are incredibly grateful to the ladies of the Gosforth Park Ladies Club, a strand of the Northumberland Golf Club, for the generous donation of £965 towards the purchase of native wildflowers set to diversify the ground flora of GPNR. Special thanks should be offered too to Gillian Page, the clubs captain, who kindly nominated NHSN to be the groups ‘Charity of the Year’.

The wildflowers used in this scheme have been purchased from a respected nursery in Cumbria and will include a selection of species native to the North East. Among these, English bluebell, dog violet, ramsons, hedge woundwort and bugle. It is hoped that as well as aiding in the regeneration of the woodland ecosystem, these plants will provide a valuable resource for pollinators, and that they will greatly increase the visual interest of the reserve for visitors.

We look forward to welcoming members of the club to Gosforth Park Nature Reserve on 12 April and hope that, all involved will visit the reserve again in the future to enjoy and observe the fruits as their tireless fundraising efforts over the years to come.

NHSN Director, Clare Freeman says:

It has been fabulous to have the support of the Ladies Club from Northumberland Golf Club.  Their course is so close to the nature reserve and much of the wildlife they will see will there also occurs on the nature reserve.

All the species we have selected for this scheme are native woodland plants, such as dog violet. Our committed nature reserve volunteers will enjoy the planting of these and we look forward to welcoming ladies from the club to visit to see the efforts of all their great fundraising.

NHSN Director, Clare Freeman, with Gillian Page, Captain, and Chris Paterson, President