Gosforth’s Wild Web is a chance for you to explore, record and enjoy wildlife across Newcastle’s urban nature corridors. By sharing what you see, you will reveal important information about wildlife in our towns and cities. 

Notice Nature Near You

Our towns and cities might seem unlikely places to experience nature, however, they can be home to some of our most amazing wildlife, from urban otters to fascinating pavement plants.  

As they grow, our urban spaces are becoming increasingly important for wildlife. Our gardens, streets, back alleys, pavements and parks are important habitats, but to protect what lives here, we need to know more about it.  

Sharing your sightings is key to revealing how nature uses and travels through our urban spaces. Each record increases our knowledge and will help naturalists protect wildlife in the future. 

Gosforth’s Wild Web is a chance for you to notice and protect urban wildlife. By sharing what you see, not only will you help us learn more about urban nature but also inspire others to understand and protect it. There are many ways to get involved.

Gosforth’s Wild Web – Share What You See

Share your wildlife sightings from the 100 one-kilometre squares around Gosforth Nature Reserve.

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Share what you have seen within Gosforth’s Wild Web. Large or small, all wildlife counts.
Blue Tit © Martin Price

Share Sightings and Experiences

Your sightings can reveal new information about wildlife in the city and help us protect it in the future. All sightings matter. 

Please share your photos of nature across Gosforth’s Wild Web.  This could be wildlife you notice near your home, school or workplace. 

To join in, use #GosforthsWildWeb on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

Are you a community group? 

If you are part of a local community group, let us know what your group would enjoy. 

We can deliver nature-based activities for people of all ages in your neighbourhood and help your group discover local nature. 

Are you within the area of Gosforth’s Wild Web? Download the map below to find out. 

Roe Deer © Katy Read

Share a Wildlife Sighting

By recording urban wildlife, you help inform important decisions that will protect it in the future. 

Perhaps you already record local wildlife, or would like to have a go? 

You can choose one of two ways to get involved below. 

Sightings of all wildlife are welcome, and everyone can help. 

Join an Event

As part of Gosforth’s Wild Web, we’ll be running events, walks and activities that help you connect with urban nature. 

Whether you would like to meet new people, learn something new or simply spend time outdoors, you’re sure to find something right for you. 

From pop-up events to guided walks, visit the page below to find out what’s happening in your area. 

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Discover wildlife on your doorstep with a new series of Gosforth’s Wild Web guides, perfect for family walks in nature.

Guides include bees, butterflies, ladybirds, shieldbugs, mammals, dragonflies and urban plants. There are also guides on wetland, woodland and garden birds, and even common lichens for you to enjoy.

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A Place for People and Wildlife ›

Did you know that Gosforth Nature Reserve was created by one person? William E. Beck purchased the shooting rights in 1924, helping to create a bird sanctuary.

He passed the rights to NHSN, leaving a legacy whereby the reserve now plays a vital role in the urban nature network on Tyneside. 

Have you visited the reserve?

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Help with iRecord?›

iRecord and iNaturalist collate the sightings of wildlife by people across the country. This means your valuable records help inform conservation efforts.

New to wildlife recording apps? Here’s what you need to know to get started.

Four-spotted Chaser © John Littleton

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