From Bilberry Bumblebees to Marbled Whites, the North East is home to a fascinating range of invertebrates. Explore the wonders of invertebrates with NHSN’s Invertebrate Specialist Group.

Invertebrates in the North East

From upland meadows to heaths and bogs, the North East supports a fascinating range of invertebrates. During spring and summer, you can encounter magnificent butterflies, such as Marbled Whites and Small Pearl-bordered Fritillaries, and rarer bees such as the Northern Mining Bee and Bilberry Bumblebee. Home to 20 Special Invertebrate Sites, the North Pennines supports special species such as Broken-belted Bumblebees and Green Tiger Beetles.

The North East is also home to many passionate invertebrate enthusiasts in the region, who together observe and study the region’s invertebrates. Using records across the region, local entomologists have created regional species atlases from bumblebees to butterflies and dragonflies. Together, your discoveries can add to our understanding of the region’s invertebrates.

Whether you are a keen entomologist or someone who enjoys observing and photographing invertebrates, NHSN’s Invertebrate Specialist Group provides opportunities for everyone to get involved in the observation and enjoyment of the region’s invertebrates.

Banded Demoiselle © Johnston Morrow

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Your Invertebrate Coordinators

Coordinators work to provide opportunities for you to enjoy, observe and learn about different strands of natural history.

Gordon Port

Invertebrate Co-Coordinator

Gordon organises field trips and talks to provide you with opportunities to explore entomology in the North East.

Gordon’s interests include general entomology, especially true bugs, mosquitoes and slugs. He is an honorary fellow of the Royal Entomological Society.

Charlotte Rankin

Invertebrate Co-Coordinator

Charlotte works with Gordon to organise trips, talks and digital content to provide opportunities for you to discover and learn more about the region’s invertebrates.

With a combined passion for recording and insects, Charlotte spends her free time chasing after insects and recording what she sees for local and national recording schemes.


Female Ashy Mining Bee © Joe Dobinson

Join invertebrate citizen science

Your sightings can shape our understanding of invertebrates in the region.

Join NHSN’s North East Bee Hunt and North East Ladybird Spot today to help monitor and protect these iconic and important insects.

14-spot Ladybird © Charlotte Rankin

Getting to grips with invertebrate ID

With many thousands of species, invertebrate ID can be daunting! From bees to bugs, explore a range of online resources that help you get familiar with the region’s invertebrates.

A spotlight on spiders

In a new spotlight series, discover monthly articles on the region’s invertebrates.

This month, explore spider web identification with entomologist, Sam Gemmell.

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