From rare Red Squirrels to a thriving population of Grey Seals, the North East is home to a fascinating range of mammals. Explore the mammals of North East England with NHSN’s Mammal Specialist Group.

From Red Squirrels to badgers and Roe Deer, many NHSN members are passionate about the conservation and monitoring of mammals in the North East.

Across the region, our Mammal Specialist Group provides opportunities for people to observe, enjoy and learn about wild mammals.

Your Mammal Coordinators

Richard Bevan

Mammals Co-Coordinator

Richard works to provide opportunities for you to enjoy, observe and study mammals.

A Senior Lecturer at Newcastle University, Richard also sits on the Farne Islands Advisory Committee and is a member of British Ecological Society. He regularly publishes research into mammals, birds and marine ecosystems both in Britain and across the globe.

Jess Ward

Mammals Co-Coordinator

Jess works with Richard and Sophie to provide opportunities for local naturalists to study and enjoy mammals across the region.

Jess is an ecologist currently working as a postdoctoral researcher at Newcastle University. Her interests lie in disease ecology, urban ecology and mammalian behaviour and she recently completed her PhD which focussed on understanding the drivers of sociality in mammalian carnivores.


Sophie Webster

Mammals Co-Coordinator

Sophie works with Jess and Richard to provide opportunities for local naturalists to study and enjoy mammals across the region.

Sophie is currently working with Northumberland Wildlife Trust as their Project Officer. She has worked on projects such as Catch My Drift, improving the East Chevington Nature Reserve and has headed up the Harvest Mouse project at the Trust which involves setting up a breeding programme at Northumberland Zoo.

Sophie is also the Mammal Society’s Harvest Mouse Survey Coordinator for Northumberland.


Join mammal citizen science

Your sightings can shape our understanding of mammals in the North East.

Discover mammal citizen science projects that you take part in across the region.

Badger © W Binney

Useful contacts

The Mammal Society appoints recorders for each vice-county who are always delighted to receive records of both common and scarce mammals.

These are:

Northumberland and County Durham – Paul Stevens, Environmental Records Information Centre NE,

Tees Valley – Jonathan Pounder,

Red Fox © Chris Castling

Beaver ecology in Britain

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Your mammal sightings

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