Gosforth Nature Reserve is a haven for wildlife on the outskirts of Newcastle.


Volunteers working to protect local wildlife

Over 1,600

Species recorded by visitors


Hectares of woodland and wetland

Discover the North East’s longest-running nature reserve

Gosforth Nature Reserve is nationally important for its rare wildlife and plants. Many of which you won’t encounter anywhere else in the city.

Explore expansive woodlands, wetlands and reedbeds and enjoy a fascinating range of wildlife that changes day by day, season by season.

From bitterns to barn owls, roe deer to rare orchids, with over 1,600 species recorded on-site, you never know what you will discover next.

The reserve is open for you to enjoy year-round. Join NHSN today or purchase a Visitor Pass to experience the sights and sounds of North East nature through a range of hides, boardwalks and secluded trails.

One of my favourite private nature reserves to visit on a regular basis. With many varieties of birds and other wildlife here, it’s a lovely place to stroll around at your leisure whilst observing nature at its best. Thanks to the great work of a dedicated, onsite warden AND numerous volunteer members, the regular upkeep and maintenance of the reserve is allowing many varieties of wildlife to breed successfully in a natural, safe environment.

Babs Baker, NHSN member
Otter © Chris Castling

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Discover the wildlife, habitats and people that make your reserve so special.

See for yourself

Plan your visit to experience the sights and sounds of North East nature at the region’s longest-running nature reserve. Passionate volunteers will help you make the most of your visit.

Roe Deer © Chris Castling

Explore urban wildlife

On your next visit, immerse yourself in wildlife rarely seen in the heart of the city.

Have you ever spotted a camouflaged bittern or experienced a woodland walk in the company of Roe Deer? Now is your chance.

A centre for learning

Our friendly volunteers love sharing their knowledge with children, school groups and students.

Whether you would like to bring a small group or entire class, we provide tailored opportunities for young people to learn about natural history in a quiet and safe outdoor setting.

Golden-bloomed Grey Longhorn beetle © Chris Barlow

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When you become a member, you’ll receive year-round access to the reserve for you and your household.

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