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NHSN is a community for those who study nature and enjoy wildlife in Northumberland, Durham and Tyne & Wear. Founded in 1829, we work to inspire wonder in the natural world, from the Tees to the Tweed.

Gosforth Nature Reserve Appeal

Can you help bring a child closer to nature? We need just £10,000 to reach our target.

Children love to experience nature and your donation today will help provide a fully equipped Nature Learning Centre, so schools and charities can visit in all seasons and all weathers.

The more young people understand the natural world, the more chance we have to protect it. Please support our appeal today to brighten the lives of young people across the North East.

Natural History Society of Northumbria

Your support is invaluable. From the Tees to the Tweed, your NHSN membership makes things happen for nature across the North East.

Join the North East Bee Hunt!

Bees play an important role in the environment. To protect them, we need to know where they are.

In 2021, we need your help to record bees across the North East, from the Tees to the Tweed.

Urban or rural, beginner or expert, by taking part in the North East Bee Hunt, you’ll help increase understanding of these amazing insects.

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Visit Gosforth Nature Reserve

To keep you safe, some restrictions remain in place. Please take a look at our updated visitor information to find out more.

From Roe Deer to Reed Warblers, there’s lots to discover this sumnmer and we hope you enjoy your next visit. Passionate volunteers look forward to welcoming you.

Join the North East Ladybird Spot

Urban or rural, enthusiast or expert, wherever you are in the region, your sightings will reveal the mysteries surrounding ladybirds in the North East.

This spring and summer, join the North East Ladybird Spot from the Tees to the Tweed to increase knowledge and understanding of these exquisite invertebrates.

Talks and videos to inspire you

Take a look at NHSN’s new YouTube channel to explore the latest environmental news, discover emerging research and share in the sightings and encounters of North East naturalists.

From beavers to backyard botany, Gosforth Nature Reserve to the hills and valleys of Teesdale, you’re sure to find something to inspire you.

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Seal weighing on the Farne Islands, 1954 © NHSN

Uncover the history of NHSN

For almost two centuries, the passion and enthusiasm of NHSN members has made a difference for North East nature.

A community for people of all interests, backgrounds and experience levels, you can now explore the history of NHSN in a new interactive timeline.

We rely on dedicated NHSN volunteers to make a difference

Could you help inspire wonder in the natural world?

By offering just a few hours of your time, you could make a difference for nature across the North East.

Everyone can volunteer with NHSN. Whatever your background, interests, or skills, if you are willing to help, we would love to hear from you.

North East Nature Books

Which books inspired you about the North East’s wildlife and landscapes?

We’re creating a digital bookshelf of the best books that describe, celebrate and inspire wonder in North East nature. Fact or fiction, any book counts, and published poetry and local guide books are welcome too.

By sharing your favourite reads and celebrating the work of authors, poets and naturalists across the region, you’ll help inspire others to enjoy and learn about the natural world.

Explore Gift Membership

Do you know someone passionate about nature?

Perhaps they enjoy birdwatching or botany, are fascinated by insects, or would simply enjoy a quiet walk in a quaint English woodland.

Treat someone you know to a year’s membership of NHSN. They’ll receive a range of great membership benefits and you will help protect nature for years to come.

Explore nature in the North East

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