Our North East Young Naturalists Appeal provides learning opportunities to young people across the North East, focusing on those who need them most.


Provides books and learning material for a young person to explore nature at home


Gives one young person to the chance to learn about nature at Gosforth Nature Reserve


Means one young person can experience nature on the Farne Islands

Support our Young Naturalists Appeal today

Your support today will break down barriers, giving all young people the opportunity to experience the natural world – no matter their background.

NHSN will match every individual donation, up to £100 per donation, pledging a total of £3,000 to help you engage many more children with nature in 2024.

100% of your donation supports young people.

How your support is making a difference

Your support is already making a difference for young people across the North East, providing opportunities and experiences to those who need them most.

North East Young Naturalists Appeal

The North East Young Naturalists Appeal brightens up the lives of children and young people across the North East by inspiring their wonder in the natural world.

Not every child and young person has a garden or is taken to the park or wilder places in the North East.  Too many children lack access to books to help them discover the natural world. 

A century ago, NHSN gave young people indoor talks by lantern light to brighten their minds about nature.  Today, we take them outside to experience nature first-hand.  Working with children’s charities and schools we help young people discover their inner birdwatcher, bug hunter and botanist.  

Nature is for everyone and childhood is where it should start. 

Sandra (left). Just one of many young people supported by the Lantern Fund across the North East.

Going to the Farne Islands was so fun, and we saw and learned so much. I would not have got to go there without the Lantern Fund as we don’t have money for things like that.

We got close as a family doing 30 days wild. It made me feel calm and I didn’t feel as much stress and pressure about school and family worries, nature was a way out of it.

Thank you for the experience. I notice nature so much more and think more about the world since having the opportunity to really look, we are not the only things in it.

Sandra, age 15

Many young people in our region do not have the opportunity to visit natural spaces or feel they are ‘for them’. COVID-19 has led to huge feelings of isolation, disconnection and anxiety amongst young people. Encouraging them to spend time looking at the nature around them has helped them to feel part of something bigger and brought a sense of calm to their often turbulent home lives.

The sense of joy and wonder on young people’s faces during wildlife encounters and exploring wild places is testament to the importance of encouraging more time in nature, especially in such challenging times.

Alana Dunton, Project Worker, Children North East
Hancock Museum Film Party, 1963

It’s in our history

Past NHSN members cared deeply about inspiring the next generation. In 1902, they launched a series of Christmas lectures for young people.

Delivered by lantern light in the Hancock Museum, these proved popular, attended by hundreds of school children from across Newcastle. Over a century later, these early events continue to inspire our work to connect children with nature today.

Young people need nature

Young people today face many barriers connecting with the natural world, yet the benefits of time in nature are clear. On a personal level, it builds confidence, reduces stress and encourages responsibility.

By spending time outdoors and learning about wildlife, young people learn to appreciate and understand the natural world. Nature needs all the help it can get and these lessons may encourage young people to protect it in the future.


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