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Botany in Bellingham

24th November 2020

For NHSN member and botanist, Bill Burlton, lockdown was spent exploring plant diversity close to home.


Coquet Island 2020 Summary

19th November 2020

David Kinchin-Smith shares an update from Coquet Island where isolation helped RSPB staff continue work to monitor and protect wildlife during lockdown.



12th November 2020

Inspired by the sight and sound of Starling murmurations, poet, Terry Astley, shares a new poem capturing beautifully the nature of this seasonal spectacle


A major boost for Volunteer Rangers

Dedicated NHSN volunteers receive £1,900 from the Community Foundation Tyne & Wear and Northumberland for a new welcome hut and toilet provision at Gosforth Nature Reserve.


“ASH” – A celebration at the eleventh hour!

11th November 2020

Discover a new monograph by author, Archie Miles, celebrating one of Britain's most iconic and now threatened native trees


House martins: A particular nest in Morpeth

3rd November 2020

NHSN member, Bridget Gubbins, shares the story of the first House Martins to nest in her Morpeth garden since 1976


A Ringers Year: October 2020

2nd November 2020

Read the latest monthly update from ornithologist and bird ringer, Phil Hanmer


Discovering Birdwatching

30th October 2020

For young NHSN member, Max Bawden, lockdown provided an opportunity to discover a new hobby in the beautiful surrounds of the Lake District


My life in lockdown

21st October 2020

For NHSN member, Ann Chapman, lockdown led to a growing appreciation for some of the North East's most common, yet beautiful, wildflowers


Abundant acorns on the forest floor – is 2020 a mast year?

With autumn in full swing, naturalists across the North East are noticing an unusual abundance of seasonal fruits. Polly Stevens asks an important question: is 2020 a 'mast year'?