Thanks to the support of NHSN members, our Student Award Scheme helps early-career naturalists develop their skills in conservation and environmental education.

Build your skills in natural history

Through our Student Award Scheme, you’ll development key skills relevant to careers in conservation, ecology, ecosystem management and environmental education.

Take part to discover new opportunities in fieldwork, research, rangering, and communications. You’ll also make the most of a range of networking and mentoring opportunities alongside friendly NHSN members and volunteers.

We’ll do our best to tailor your experience – providing opportunities in the areas that matter most to you.

Why now?

Involvement in the environmental field has never been more important, and we understand that this has made the sector incredibly competitive. Now more than ever those aspiring for careers in natural history sectors must set themselves apart from the pack.

This is exactly what we hope to achieve by providing students from local colleges and universities with the skills necessary to advance in their chosen field. In doing so, we can make sure that North East nature is held in safe hands over the years to come.

This is an excellent opportunity for students, both postgraduate and undergraduate, to supplement their academic work with real-world experience of the environmental sector. NHSN’s Student Awards Scheme is flexible, capable of fitting around even the most taxing of academic schedules, and provides something for everyone. Whether their interests lie in practical conservation, research, communications or public engagement.

Dr Mark Whittingham, Professor of Applied Ecology, Newcastle University

Get Started Today

Sign-up for our Student Award Scheme today to build your career skills, meet new people and learn from peers and local experts in natural history. All you need to do is download the Activities Log and fill in the form below.

Please update your activity log as you go and let us know at when you reach each tier.

Student Award Registration

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What we’ll do for you

  • Access to Gosforth Nature Reserve – a wildlife haven on the edge of Newcastle.
  • Formal recognition of your dedication to natural history and a potential academic reference.
  • Opportunities to attend and conduct talks, activities and dissertation projects at our reserve.
  • The opportunity to contribute to Northumbrian Naturalist, a respected scientific journaland our members’ magazine, North East Nature.
  • Close involvement with NHSN, a respected institution first established in 1829.
  • Involvement in a friendly community of like-minded individuals and the chance to learn from natural history experts.

The Student Experience with NHSN

“If you are a student looking for an opportunity to expand your experiences, I cannot recommend the opportunities afforded by the NHSN’s Student Award Scheme enough.”

MA student, Dina Schwartz, shares her experience on NHSN’s Student Award Scheme in the midst of a global pandemic.

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