Discovering Urban Nature – A Journey Through Gosforth’s Wild Web 

Your support is making a world of difference in Gosforth’s Wild Web. Take a closer look at what you’ve spotted so far with NHSN Nature Ranger, Amber Tatman.

Gosforth’s Wild Web celebrates local nature and Newcastle’s and North Tyneside’s precious urban wildlife corridors. Since August 2023, you’ve discovered hidden gems and shared diverse sightings throughout the 100km squares that surround Gosforth Nature Reserve. Let’s look back at the exciting events, nature walks, school engagement and inspiring wildlife sightings that have shaped the project so far, and look ahead and discover what’s in the future.  

With our successful launch event at Gosforth Nature Reserve and socials for NHSN volunteers and members, we started spreading the word and made a ripple in the Web. Working alongside Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums we held our first bioblitz at Segedunum Roman Fort, and later with Northumberland Wildlife Trust at Weetslade Country Park where visitors discovered ladybirds, bees, Yellowhammers and even some festive Mistletoe. We have lots of exciting bioblitzes and pop-up activities planned in the coming spring and summer, so keep a lookout on our social media to see events taking place near you.  

A series of guided walks has been a cornerstone of the project so far. Exploring trees, fungi, ladybirds, birds and urban plants, these walks have provided opportunities to discover hidden gems in your local area and meet like-minded people to enjoy the outdoors together as a community. These free nature walks will continue to pop up across Newcastle and North Tyneside, so do follow us on Eventbrite so you don’t miss out. 

With the launch of Gosforth’s Wild Web came the launch of new platforms to share your wildlife sightings. These are live on iNaturalist, iRecord and the NHSN website and already, you have shared a wonderful variety of wildlife spotted in streets, parks and gardens across Newcastle. So far, your sightings include everything from small but beautiful plants, insects and fungi to larger creatures such as Roe Deer, Otters and a variety of birds. These sightings not only highlight the importance of our urban spaces for nature but will help protect it in the future, thank you! Explore just a few highlights so far below.

Did you know that your most spotted species so far in Gosforth’s Wild Web is the Harlequin Ladybird? Found in gardens, parks and other grassy or wooded areas in urban areas, you have added an amazing 369 sightings of this non-native ladybird.

Finally, since October 2023, Nature Rangers and volunteers have been visiting primary schools throughout the Web, delivering nature-based workshops and inspiring children to become young North East naturalists. Children have enjoyed getting outside and experiencing nature, and have enjoyed everything from mini-beast hunting and planting wildflowers to creating nature art and setting up camera traps. With 24 school sessions already visited, we’ve reached an impressive 266 children, nurturing their curiosity and appreciation for the natural world.

I thought this was really good, there should be more opportunities like this.

Caleb, Local Primary School

Gosforth’s Wild Web is all about bringing local communities together to discover, experience and enjoy local nature. As we celebrate the achievements of the past months, let’s look forward to the exciting future events, walks and school sessions that lie ahead. Please join in and embrace the wild wonders of Gosforth’s Wild Web. 

Explore nature in Gosforth’s Wild Web

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Please share your photos of nature across Gosforth’s Wild Web.  This could be wildlife you notice near your home, school or workplace, or the places you visit to enjoy nature. 

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Amber Tatman
NHSN Nature Ranger

Having previously volunteered as a Student Naturalist, Amber now works as an NHSN Nature Ranger as part of the Gosforth’s Wild Web project.