Celebrating #Archive30

This year we again took part in #Archive30, a month-long Twitter campaign by Explore Your Archive that invites archives to showcase their collections.

For each of the 30 days in April NHSN Archivist June Holmes has been highlighting materials in our collections that relate to the daily hashtag. Here’s a  a selection of our most popular #Archive30 tweets.

Highlight a #Collection

From Day 4, a selection of watercolours by Thomas Bewick. The NHSN Archive has an important collection of the North East’s most famous naturalist, including a small collection of Bewick’s original wood blocks.


From Day 7, a photo of Sir David Attenborough’s visit to the Great North Museum: Hancock in 1985.


On Day 8, we featured our 2019 exhibition of Women Naturalists of the North East, celebrating the lives, discoveries and legacies of women who inspired wonder in the natural world for a whole new generation of naturalists.

Read more about Dr Marie Lebour and her study of molluscs and their parasites, Grace Hickling‘s life-long devotion to the Northumbrian coast and its seals, Evelyn Lobley, a self-taught expert in the identification of bog mosses and Sphagnum, among others who have made momentous contributions to the field of natural history.


From Day 23: an illustration of the minute nudibranch Embletonia pulchra by Albany Hancock, a highly respected and skilled anatomist and artist with wide-ranging zoological interests.


Our #ArchiveGoals: while the NHSN Archive remains closed, we’re carrying on working remotely as best we can and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

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