Tony Tynan Donation: The Deaf Centre Family Hub’s Inspiring Visit to Gosforth Nature Reserve  

Thanks to a generous donation, children from the Deaf Centre Family Hub recently had the chance to experience nature at Gosforth Nature Reserve

In an inspiring day filled with nature and community, The Deaf Centre Family Hub from the St Vincent de Paul Society, recently embarked on another fantastic visit to Gosforth Nature Reserve. This unforgettable experience was made possible by a generous donation in memory of Tony Tynan, a wonderful individual known for his extensive contributions as a longstanding NHSN member, trustee, and curator of the renowned Great North Museum: Hancock. 

Guided by the expertise of Volunteer Education Rangers, families could immerse themselves in the beauty of Gosforth Nature Reserve. From exploring the woodlands and finding fungi, to spotting birds with binoculars in the hides, the day was full of discovery. The families also enjoyed nature-based crafts in the Field Studies Room and had a blast at creating collages of wildlife. What’s more, the reserve provided the perfect backdrop for a day of connection and appreciation for the natural world.  

Kelly Smith, Centre Officer at SVP Deaf Centre, shared her observations:

Thank you for a brilliant day at the nature reserve yesterday, everyone really enjoyed it. It was lovely to see the children so engaged on the nature walk. I overheard one of our teenagers talking to Amber about how amazing nature is & that she would turn the hide overlooking the lake into a house to live in. One of the youngest members of the group, who is almost 4 years old got excited to see the ducks & birds on the lake. Parents have given lovely feedback as well saying it was a great day.

Kelly Smith, Centre Officer, SVP Deaf Centre

The DC Family Hub from the St Vincent de Paul Society is based in the West End of Newcastle and provides a variety of free sessions which families can sign up for. Many of the families who came to the Reserve had never been before and found the cost of travelling to be a barrier, and so, we were happy to be able to make this possible, thanks to the Tony Tynan Donation. 

Finally, we are reminded of the lasting impact one person can have and the profound influence of nature in bringing people together. The echoes of Tony Tynan’s legacy continue to resonate through the rustling leaves and soaring birds of Gosforth Nature Reserve, inspiring future generations to appreciate and protect the wonders of the natural world around them. 

Amber Tatman
NHSN Nature Ranger

Having previously volunteered as a Student Naturalist, Amber now works as an NHSN Nature Ranger as part of the Gosforth’s Wild Web project.