First Records of the Natural History of Northumberland

Make the most of a very generous offer from the Friends of William Turner.

The Morpeth-born physician and clergyman William Turner (c. 1508-1568) was the first Englishman to write about birds and fishes, and the first to compose an analytical survey of medicinal plants in English. His writings, representing 30 years’ work conducted in England and Europe, enable us to extrapolate the first records for some aspects of the natural history of Northumberland. These have been collected and analysed in an illustrated gazetteer of Turner’s references to birds, fishes and plants written by Dr Marie Addyman for the Friends of William Turner, Morpeth.

The Natural History Society Northumbria is uniquely placed to demonstrate how our concerns for the future of our planet are rooted in preserving our past natural heritage. FOWT would therefore like to offer free copies to members on a first-come-first-served basis.

To obtain one, send a stamped addressed envelope to the address below. For UK posting, an A5 envelope can fit through the standard letterbox, but the gazetteer weighs over 100g, so postage costs £1.83 1st class, or £1.53 2nd class.

Dorothy Cowans, The Pines, Fieldhouse Lane, Morpeth, NE61 6LT