Helping Newcastle’s Swifts

As a child growing up in Newcastle, Swifts filled the skies in the summer evenings and this amazing creature fuelled my interest in birds and wildlife.

Last year, I only saw Swifts flying overhead from my garden on one occasion. However, when I visited Graham Sorrie in Morpeth, the air was full of them, largely due to his efforts in getting the community involved in putting up Swift boxes and protecting and expanding nesting sites.

I’m hoping to recruit people who are willing to help me map Swift nests in Newcastle this summer. Once we have an idea where Swifts are nesting, I’m proposing to erect nest boxes in the vicinity to try to boost our population. Also, it’s important to know where they are so we can protect the existing sites.

I’m aiming initially to concentrate in the north of Newcastle but if you have information of nests elsewhere, please let me know. The West End nest sites were mapped out as part of the Wild West Newcastle project so have been well documented. I’ve also met with the community wildlife officers from Northumberland Wildlife Trust and they are are keen to get involved.

There are 2 ways you can help—firstly by telling me where you either know or think where Swifts have nested in the past (even a rough location would be helpful) and secondly, to walk the streets in the summer evenings to try to locate nests once our Swifts have returned (generally about an hour before sunset on a nice evening).

Any help would be much appreciated!

Thank you

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Caroline McLelland