More of Your Stories About Nature’s Cure in Time of Need

Thank you for sharing your stories! In this blog, Project Archivist Kate Guariento shares more of your stories collected so far.

The power of nature to bring calm and relief was particularly felt during Covid-19 lockdowns, when going outside and noticing nature and the changes of the seasons was a respite for many during a time that felt frightening and uncertain. But, beyond lockdown, nature can be a source of comfort during other difficult times in our lives. The below contributions to the ‘Nature’s Cure in Time of Need’ story collection show just a few of the ways that nature has helped and continues to help people in the North East during times of need – thank you for submitting your stories.

When cancer came calling, my local riverside walk became a lifeline to sanity and calm. A gentle stroll around Ryton Willows provided a loop just long enough to build up a bit of strength and feel the anxiety subside. It was the highlight of my week, and looking for seals, goosander and kingfisher became the perfect antidote to chemo. A precious place which helped me to connect and rebuild.”

When I feel stressed I like to go for a slow walk in the wood known as The Croft. I find paying attention to the sound of the wind in the trees and observing closely the plants and birds helps to calm me. As a working mum of two young boys stress and anxiety is a daily feature of my life. Nature soothes me and I love sharing that with my children by playing in the woods and field with them.”

Being outside is everything. In the moments where I don’t know myself anymore, I make myself notice what’s going on around me. The leaves, the sounds and the life happening or the conserving of energy to grow again. Life and the purpose of it are everywhere, the buttercups on the day I lost someone, the birds in the background to a difficult conversation, the bees working when I feel like being still. Everything else is just a distraction and nature is everything. It is the dipping of our hands into cold water, the shapes of stones and the ice breaking under your feet. It’s the rain on your face and the warmth on your arms. All the beauty is there and it’s the reason to be the human you can be, the connection to us all. To each other.”

Do you have a story of nature’s cure you’d like to share, either about what nature meant to you during Covid-19 lockdowns, or in other difficult moments? Whatever your story, we’d love to hear it. These stories allow us to build a picture of what nature means to people all over the North East. You can submit your contribution to the ‘Nature’s Cure in Time of Need’ digital story collection project here:

Kate Guariento
Project Archivist

Kate leads on the Nature’s Cure in Time of Need: New Voices for North East Nature project.

She works with local communities within the North East to engage with people whose stories are under-represented.