Nature’s Cure in the Woods: Your Stories about ‘Nature’s Cure in Time of Need’

Dive into some of our stories collected so far for the Nature’s Cure project, starting with Nature’s Cure in the Woods!

The North East is full of stunning forests and woodland areas. Aside from being important for biodiversity, the woodlands in the North East are emotionally significant for people, providing a sense of tranquillity in a busy world.

Over the past few weeks, you have been sharing your stories with us to help us build a picture of what nature in the North East means to people in times of need. It’s been wonderful to hear from you about the nature and places that help you in difficult times. A number of the stories that have been shared relate to the sense of calm that contributors have found among the trees in local woodland. As two contributors reflect,

“In busy times I very much enjoy taking my dog for a walk in our local woods. This gives time to reflect and process my thoughts. The walks in my area change rapidly through the year and I am very much more aware of the seasons around me due to taking these walks. On these walks I am often accompanied by close friends and we all benefit very much from talking to each other in a peaceful, quiet and calm environment. There have been many events in all of our lives which we have been made easier by taking a walk through our amazing woods.”

“During COVID, Chopwell woods was such a lovely place to escape, especially with it being so quiet it felt like a very safe place and a chance to get some fresh air, especially in a time when it was so easy to feel quite suffocated and trapped”

Do these stories resonate with you? Have you also turned to woodland in the North East in times of need? Or, perhaps you find comfort in the wide open spaces of moorland and coastline? Whatever your story of ‘nature’s cure in time of need’, we want to hear it. Your contributions are valuable in helping us build a picture of what nature means to people in the North East in difficult times. You can read other stories, and submit your own contribution to the ‘Nature’s Cure’ project, here:

Kate Guariento
Project Archivist

Kate leads on the Nature’s Cure in Time of Need: New Voices for North East Nature project.

She works with local communities within the North East to engage with people whose stories are under-represented.