Online Talk: Bumblebees of North East England

daily dose of nature is important and despite current circumstances, there is no reason why we cannot continue to learn about and appreciate the natural world. Even from the comfort of our own homes.

At NHSN, we want to do our bit to ensure that everyone can continue to study and enjoy the natural world. That’s why, over the coming weeks, we’ll be making a number of our natural history talks available online for all to enjoy.

To coincide with the launch of NHSN’s new citizen science project, the North East Bee Hunt, we’re delighted to share with you our most popular talk of 2019: Bumblebees of North East England. We hope you enjoy it!

Bumblebees of North East England

The team behind the recent publication, Bumblebees of North East England, discuss the biology, ecology and future status of bumblebees in our region. The threats facing bees, as well as ongoing conservation work, will be discussed, illustrated by reference to some of the region’s notable species such as the Broken-belted Bumblebee Bombus soroeensis and the Bilberry Bumblebee Bombus monticola.

The speakers will include Shaun Hackett, Louise Hislop, Gordon Port, Stuart Priestley, Charlotte Rankin and Rinke Vinkenoog.

Watch the talk here