Online Talk: Marine Mammals Off the Northumberland Coast

Discover North-East nature at home by revisiting your favourite Natural History Talks, delivered by local naturalists and environmental experts.

You can watch previous talks on Roseate terns, bumblebees and ancient woodlands elsewhere on this blog.

This week, we’re thrilled to share a popular talk by seal diver and Newcastle University researcher, Ben Burville, who has spent more time in the water with grey seals than anyone in the world.

Explore Northumberland’s marine mammals

Watch the talk here

Join Ben as you delve into the mysterious underwater world of marine mammals off the Northumberland coast, with a particular focus on the behaviour of grey seals and cetacean species.

If you enjoyed this talk, more information about Ben, his research, and an exciting recent discovery can be found here. You can also follow him on Twitter and stay up to date with the latest news.

Grey Seal (c) Ben Burville