Online Talk: Plants Behaving Badly

A daily dose of nature is important, now more than ever. While we’ve all had to limit our activities somewhat due to current circumstances, there is no reason why we cannot continue to learn about and appreciate the natural world. Even from the comfort of our own homes.

At NHSN, we want to do our bit to ensure that everyone can continue to study and enjoy the natural world. That’s why, over the coming weeks, we’ll be making a number of our natural history talks available online for all to enjoy. We hope that this will provide an opportunity for naturalists in the North East to learn a thing or two, even while social distancing.

Thanks to our collaboration with Newcastle University, the majority of our talks are now recorded and can be easily enjoyed at just the touch of a button. Running throughout the autumn and winter each year, we hold a total of twenty talks each year, covering all areas of natural history. From invertebrates and mammals to earth sciences and botany. If you would like to support these talks, please consider becoming a member.

Existing NHSN members, don’t forget, you can view all of our talks in the members’ area of our website.

Plants Behaving Badly

One for the botanists and plant lovers…

Take a tour around some of the taxonomic terrors and sulky teenagers of the plant world with North East botanist, Chris Metherell. This talk digs into the sex lives of some of the most ill-mannered members of the vegetable persuasion to find out what makes them so unruly.

Chris is the botanical recorder for vice-county 68 (North Northumberland).

Watch the talk here