Reed beds rejuvenated by hard working volunteers

Thanks to muscle-power and commitment from volunteers at our Gosforth Park Nature Reserve, this year’s reed bed clearance has been completed. The reed beds mature with age and benefit from cutting and clearing sections each winter season. Paul Drummond, Reserve Warden, carried out the initial cutting with a brush cutter. It is then vital that the cut material is removed from the reed bed – this is where the volunteers’ contribution was invaluable, raking and collecting up all the reed stems to create a large habitat pile away from the reed bed, which will now rejuvenate.

Brian Kram, one of NHSN’s trustees, helped out and his hard work showed by how muddy he got: “ it took a couple of washes to remove the mud, and was very satisfying to see the difference we could make over a few hours. NHSN is so lucky to have so many committed volunteers to ensure the wildlife value of the reserve”.