Talking Naturally: Heather Devey

Join NHSN Trustee, Professor Annie Tindley, for the next installment of a brand-new series exploring the personal stories of North East naturalists. This week, she speaks with naturalist and conservationist, Heather Devey.

The North East is home to many passionate naturalists. Individuals who dedicated their time to the study, observation and conservation of the natural world, expanding collective knowledge of nature and ensuring it is both protected and celebrated. Professionals, academics and enthusiasts, these people have helped shape our understanding of North East nature, working tirelessly, often for many years, to inspire wonder in the natural world.

Since NHSN was established in 1829, it has been home to many celebrated naturalists. Hancock, Alder, Chapman and Hickling, many of these names will be familiar to NHSN members. The work and enthusiasm of these pioneering individuals written about, discussed and celebrated, and captured for all time in NHSN’s natural history archive. But what about the naturalists studying and protecting nature in the present day? Who are they? What are their stories?

In a new series of friendly chats, NHSN Trustee, Annie Tindley, captures the stories of the present-day naturalists doing their bit for North East nature. More than just a biography, these will share not only their work and areas of interest but the moments that inspired them, and the memories that shaped their understanding and appreciation of the natural world. Capturing and sharing the social history of natural history in the North East, we hope these friendly and informal conversations will create a permanent record of the lives and legacies of naturalists across the region. We hope you enjoy them.

We’ll be releasing more interviews throughout 2021. Please keep an eye on NHSN’s YouTube channel for further updates.

A friendly chat with Heather Devey

Join NHSN Trustee, Professor Annie Tindley, for a brand-new series exploring the lives and inspirations of leading North East naturalists.

Uncover the personal stories of those dedicated to the study, conservation, and observation of North East nature as you revisit memories and discover the experiences that helped shape the lives of those passionate about natural history in the North East.

This week, Annie chats with a naturalist, Heather Devey, founder of pioneering social enterprise, Wild Intrigue, and conservationist working to restore wild Beavers to Cumbria.

Sit back and enjoy as Heather shares her fond memories of nature, experiences, and wildlife encounters, whilst sharing her inspiration for life and career in nature.