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Nature and the new lifestyle in the summer of COVID-19

10th August 2020

Following her earlier post, Hanna Tamminen looks back on lockdown and the challenges and opportunities it brought for those with a love of nature


A Ringers Year: July 2020

7th August 2020

Read the latest monthly update from ornithologist and bird ringer, Phil Hanmer


“Go to the Bees, thou sluggard!”

5th August 2020

For Rinke Vinkenoog, lockdown provided the opportunity to study the differing foraging habits of male and female Red-tailed Bumblebees


A Beginners Guide to ‘White’ butterflies

3rd August 2020

White butterflies are a common sight during the warmer months of the year and in the North East, you are likely to encounter four common species. Separate and identify these four species with NHSN Invertebrate Section lead, Gordon Port. 


Lockdown Notes

For long-term NHSN member, David Hall, lockdown provided an opportunity to track and observe the highs and lows of life in his garden


North East Bee Hunt Update

31st July 2020

You have now shared a fantastic 1750 records as part of the North East Bee Hunt. Below, Charlotte Rankin summarises your records and observations over the last two weeks.


A huge boost for volunteers at Gosforth Nature Reserve

30th July 2020

Thanks to National Lottery players, dedicated NHSN volunteers will receive £49,000 to support their work at Gosforth Nature Reserve


The Red-tailed Cuckoo Bee in North East England

Discover the large and elusive Red-tailed Cuckoo Bee and its history, distribution and future in the North East


Lockdown on the Allotment

23rd July 2020

For wildlife gardener and amateur naturalist, Rob Galpin, lockdown was spent admiring the comings and goings of wildlife on his allotment


Finding a Silver Lining – A New Local Patch

22nd July 2020

Discover a smorgasbord of wildlife around Newcastle's Great Park as local naturalist, Chris Barlow, shares his experience of finding a new local patch during lockdown