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Marsh and Spotted Orchids (Dactylorhizas) in the North East

24th June 2020

Explore Marsh orchids and Spotted-orchids in the North East with botanical Vice-county Recorder for South Northumberland, John Richards


Lockdown in the Lower Derwent Valley

23rd June 2020

For NHSN Trustee, Michael Turner, lockdown has been spent observing and enjoying the wildlife of the Lower Derwent Valley


The umbellifer plants – family Apiaceae

22nd June 2020

Local botanist, Mark Welfare, introduces umbellifer species to look for on your North East walks


The Amazing World of the Bee Moth

18th June 2020

Naturalist, Iain Robson, provides an insight into the fascinating world of the Bee Moth following an intriguing discovery on his local patch


North East Bee Hunt Update

You have now shared a fantastic 1200 records as part of the North East Bee Hunt. In a new post, Charlotte Rankin summarises your records and observations over the last two weeks.


Recording Garden Wildlife

17th June 2020

For local naturalist, Sam Fisher, lockdown was spent gaining a greater appreciation of the wildlife to be found in his North Tyneside garden, from Tree Sparrows to eye-catching hoverflies


A season of bees on a Newcastle street

15th June 2020

Discover bee diversity in the city as James Common highlights the bee species observed on his street in Heaton, Newcastle


The Smallest Bees of North East England

Naturalist, Louise Hislop, introduces the North East's overlooked & under-recorded small bees


Online Talk: Why Have We Failed to Protect Nature?

10th June 2020

Join environmental social scientist, Dr Niki Rust, to hear how better communications might hold the key to solving the ongoing ecological emergency


Celebrating NHSN Volunteers

9th June 2020

Last week, we shared our heartfelt thanks to the fantastic volunteers at the heart of NHSN