For 191 years, NHSN members have carried out conservation and research across the North East – this is how they do it.

Conservation across the North East

NHSN members are passionate about protecting, celebrating and studying North East nature. Thanks to your support, enthusiastic volunteers are able to make a difference for wildlife, from the Tweed to the Tees by:

  • Encouraging and supporting citizen science to further understanding of North East nature.
  • Protecting and caring for our nature reserve at Gosforth in Newcastle.
  • Campaigning to prevent wildlife loss from inappropriate development, in the city and beyond.
  • Carrying out conservation research across the North East.
  • Funding small-scale conservation and research projects.
  • Participating in the various committees concerned with the protection of the region’s wildlife and geology.

The future of habitats and landscapes is important to me and I value the work of NHSN in the delivering of courses, field studies and talks. Also, that local scientists are out in the environment looking at trends and recording vital data – this will contribute to future land and wildlife management.

2018 survey Participant
Seal weighing on the Farne Islands, 1954 © NHSN

Working in collaboration

In carrying out these activities volunteers work in partnership with the other conservation organisations in the region.

Tyne Kittiwake Partnership ›

The Tyne Kittiwake Partnership in collaboration to protect Tyneside’s iconic urban kittiwakes. Here, you can find out about the birds, how to see them and efforts to protect them.

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Small Grants ›

Thanks to a generous bequest from the Dickinson family and the support of NHSN members, we provide small grants to help NHSN members carry out natural history projects.

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