Kingfisher: Gosforth Nature Journal

In this latest blog, local naturalist and volunteer, Chris Wren gives us an insight into the resident Kingfisher at Gosforth Nature Reserve.

This is the most colourful and charismatic resident of Gosforth Nature Reserve, and perhaps the most popular. Along with an otter, a Kingfisher is what many people most want to see.  Kingfishers are around for much of the year but are perhaps most likely to be seen in late summer and early autumn. In front of the Ridley Hide is the most popular spot with some folks watching, or more often waiting, for hours at a time.

A Kingfisher is an unusual target for a trail camera but we get a very intimate view.  The stake was supporting a camera positioned to look for otters when I noticed the kingfisher was using it as a perch.  So I put in another stake with another camera to watch the top of the first stake and recorded these views.

The trail camera is fitted with a +2 dioptre lens from a cheap pair of reading glasses to ensure good focus at a distance of only 40cm.

Kingfishers can be seen all around the lake but will also frequent very small patches of water, especially in windy weather when they look for shelter. In the third video the camera lens was slightly misted up –  a hazard of leaving the camera close to the water.

Christopher Wren
Local Naturalist and Volunteer

Christopher Wren is a volunteer in Gosforth Nature Reserve and a local naturalist, interested in most areas of natural history, especially mammals and using trail cameras to study their behaviour.

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